20 בדצמ׳ 2009

Isramun 2010 announced

Today, i have found out about the upcoming of the 2nd Isramun conference Wow! In case you didn't know what it is, i beg forgiveness if some of you couldn't understand the Hebrew in the radio show i previously posted. The conference is based upon the Model United Nations debate topics and procedures. Students who participate in the intergovernmental discussion over some controversy, have to explain their positions in order to reach a common resolution.
They act as delegates to form committees that simulate the work of the United Nations' various organs. Those include The General Assembly, The Security Council, The Human rights council and the like. Don't be bored with debating all day, the evening events and he excursions will make up for the fun parts.
What i liked most about Muns, specifically Isramun, is that the very event brings together people from various countries, to discuss burning issues, to elaborate speaking skills and eventually networking for the future, think about it- it's a great occasion to make new friends.

Wonderful, *cough* in case you don't mind wearing the suit n'tie, or simply put, The monkey-suit- Loosen up, it can be really funny sometimes.

You can read all about it here, and if you care to travel, why not join us?

I promise i'll show you Armageddon, and not in pictures :D

30 בנוב׳ 2009

Isramun- Radio exposure! Israel's 1st Model UN was astoundingly launched

Listen to the delegates of every country, who participated in the first model united nations of last August

Even if you don't like to hear international politics are affecting Israel, which is the reason why the first model United Nations was launched last august, recognize it exists by listening to my dedicated podcast, with a rocking! playlist. Your pleasure is guaranteed, friend or opponent. Of course it's all a very big illusion that we really know WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON, but it's a fun game that help you excel in every aspect of life, as we know it.
come on, click PLAY on your game, it's made for you

13 בנוב׳ 2009

It's quite an inspiring app, this Wave thing

Well i did hope that today, i would be able to just publish this article via wave but alas, the writer of this blog did too much soduko or just hates to admit he didn't fet to terms with Bloggy, the blog robot.

1 בנוב׳ 2009

Waving A Big HI! - Certainly the most important breakthrough this year

Without further ado, make a date with this video. I promise Lars and Stephanie will expand your mind in a most brilliant and clear manner about the features of Google's remarkable mega-tool. Our communication is on a new level now, changed for good.

I shall further express my affection to this innovative instance of sheer mastery. Google Wave is a state of the art software devised by genius.

With unconcealed Israeli pride, I point to the fact that Hebrew was chosen to be presented [37th minute] as the non-English language on the official release video of Wave. At the same time, feel free to make a mental note about the implementation of languages, semantics and instant translations on the internet- how witty! Can you imagine how inspiring this instrument is?

All in all, don't you just fancy waving a big HI! :=) to your friends?


22 באוק׳ 2009

Everything in a single beautiful clarity

Every now and then, we find the time and patience to listen. When we do, inspiration is streaming in and we let the shy insights in to fill the gaps. New great teachings are transmitted at all times, and however subtle the vibration , it is sure to inspire us for the action that leads to its purpose. Drops of consciousness that flush down and out of our minds slowly tickling the nervous system and through the organs into every aspect of the Will to be exactly where you are
Abraham Hicks is there for me with timeless knowledge, an enlightened messenger of spirituality in this age. One and Many in an esteemed wholesome universal teacher school, vibrating pleasantly with my ancestors and our eternal soul
Out of the box- i felt my body relaxing and feeling happiness and meaning, how did you feel just a moment ago?

15 באוק׳ 2009

Woot! World Wide Web Works Wise Wonder Wishes

What was the feeling when you suddenly realized the world is evolving and revolving? I must say the world never ceases to amaze me, i am sure you know what i mean...
The second thought i am having is the skill of people working those notions and concepts into valid, tangent Objects of infinite creativity. This too, is astonishing and the internet is just the latest manifestation of working together to achieve a common goal. You might not believe me, but i think about those two puzzles almost everyday and i have found magnificent notions which i would like to share with you @~@
It's quite a task to become a professional blogger, like the people who guide you in the tutorial videos, and i find it quite stunning that many of the latest breakthroughs in spiritualism is mediated directly through the web. It's like a wish machine, where you just search and find knowledge about .. hmm you know.. well, Everything!
I was once spending an evening with my friends in Florence, we talked about arty things and the conversation was deep. chillin' and having a great time. Suddenly! Coletta jumps out of her skin and shouts in great wonder: "Everything is Everything!"
She was so startled by the new found notion she repeated it several times. She also made sure me and her boyfriend got the idea, in those same, immortal words. Yeah! that was that and then we remembered Lauryn Hill wrote about it a terrific song. I know it's sounds simplistic, but sometimes it is the notion behind the words is the real deal.
What a wonderful tool, now you can find anything. In the following posts i will delve deeper into the positive and negative aspects of media related concepts, you know it only starts with the purest thought which then takes additional meaning, sometimes in spite the contradictions.

If you feel you already know what are we talking about, try and go beyond the words.
Here's the story of everything by one of the most respected rap artistas, it takes heart to say that

20 ביולי 2009

Introducing Kodkod Network

I am happy to introduce the new Kodkod social community. Kodkod network is brought up by acknowledged experts and students to discuss media and media effects. Kodkod, however, will also discuss other issues such as technology, Web marketing, SEO and whatnot

Today, media tools are in the hands of millions, and Freedom of Speech is widely supported and sheds light even in many of the corners of the globe. In spite of various means used by media tycoons and governments to enforce a moderate 'Normalization' on society, individuals like you and me can have a go and spread out ideas that make a difference.

Ignorance and indifference are 'luxuries' no one can afford today. Given the simple fact you are reading this, i earnestly think it is okay for me to assume that you have vast intellectual abilities and experience. That is priceless especially because today, tools are widely distributed to enable the paradigm shift from 'competition' to 'creativity'.

It is a fact that each of us brings with him a magnificent heritage and understanding of secret ancient cosmic laws, and the very tools that we utilize to understand ourselves are the ones that soothe our pains. Real secrets are made to be kept a secret and that is one reason why so many ideas and explanations are still out there for us to reach, deep in the misty mysteries of the wonder called life. In the endless dark spaces of the universe, enormous beacons of light were placed for man to discover and be illuminated.

Dear friend, please consider joining us to make a contribution to the Freedom of Speech, Creativity and Friendly Cooperation.

Join us to make a statement that we do have immense powers to influence our environments and culture, that we can share ideas that make a change. A truthful purpose will certainly bring good results.

We invite you to Share your ideas ! Talk about anything ! Spread the Word !

Be free and happy!